ENE Door

Esposende will always be a territory intimately linked to water… with a Sea and River Soul.

In this embracing relationship with the Sea and River, there are Stories and “fables”, traditions, culture, gastronomy and countless aspects, which contribute to the consolidation of our nautical offer: sea, Cávado and Neiva rivers, beach, Natural Park from the North Coast, ports / fluvines, anchorages and spaces for nautical sports: nautical clubs and schools for kitesurfing, surfing, paddle surfing, canoeing, windsurfing and others.
ENE Experiences
ENE Possibilities

This is the slogan of Esposende Nautical Station, as it “plays” with its initials and identifies Esposende as a place where there are “N” (in Portuguese referring to “a lot”) of things that we have the possibility to try.

The “Door from the Nautical Station of Esposende”, is located in the Tourist Information Center and serves as a physical structure to welcome visitors. This autonomous visitation space, allows the visitor to find more detailed information about the tourist offer of this destination.

The entrance to the “Door” is through a wave-shaped “tunnel”. Right to the right, an outstanding tribute to the esposendense and ambassador of ENE, the Olympic canoe athlete João Ribeiro. There is also a script implemented on the floor with some points of interest in the territory. Along this path, you will also find vertical support panels with relevant information about the matter, as well as an LCD where you can view promotional videos. This space also has an exhibitor dedicated to all ENE partners.